Adam has been a licensed California agent since 1990 and has been a principal in 20+ transactions representing his interests in the acquisition and disposition of properties. Adam’s extensive experience in remodeling, construction and ground up development in hillside properties is an invaluable asset to his clients by bringing his unique perspective and insight to any deal. Previously, Adam has been a professional photographer and early adopter of the Internet by creating multiple web-based content management platforms that pioneered the transition of modeling and photography agencies into fully web-based businesses. Adam holds a BA in Economics from Columbia University and attended Loyola Law School here in Los Angeles. Adam has been involved in numerous projects and organizations focused on servicing the community and the City of Los Angeles. Adam served on the Board for the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council, the Steering Committee for LANI and has provided professional services to Aid for Aids, LACorps and others.

Sampling of Transactions Sold