West Los Angeles is a dynamic and vibrant metropolis. It’s population has grown steadily since it’s pueblo origins in the late 1800’s and today boasts an international community of permanent and part-time residents from 100’s of countries. On any given day hearing a dozen different languages spoken is commonplace. In my neighborhood of Miracle Mile we are central to Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hancock Park and Downtown LA. This diversity and proximity has made the westside of Los Angeles one of the most desirable cities in the world to live.

  • Smart Ideas and Innovative Marketing

    Both buying and selling homes and properties in today’s marketplace requires ideas that go beyond traditional methods. As an internet entrepreneur and seasoned marketing executive I have worked with CEO’s of national companies as well as with business start-ups to develop a strategic program for clarifying goals and executing them in the digital world.

  • Syndicating Your Property Listing

    Using the latest websites and integration tools for online marketing I can ensure that your property is syndicated, seen and visible by the numerous websites that specialize in home listings and real estate marketing.

  • Personalized Property Websites

    As a founder of I have marketed nearly 1000 homes by creating and innovating how real estate and homes are marketed in the communication age. These property websites with professional photography put your best foot forward in attracting both the professional real estate community of agents and prospective buyers by providing a digital marketing brochure that is easily viewed.

  • Staging, Organizing and Preparing to Market

    Most homeowners live in the houses, yet when it comes to selling their property need help in preparing their home for sale. Having the critical eye to visually prepare your home and beautify its presentation is a crafted skill I have developed over the years as photographer staging a set to be documented as well as a marketing professional anticipating the buyer’s experience from start to finish.

  • Communication and Trust

    As a professional real estate agent the core of any relationship is communication and trust. House are properties by definition, however they really are someone’s home. Whether they are a buyer’s future home or a place filled with memories and life experiences of the seller where each client must be able to communicate sensitive and detailed information about their lives, their history, current goals and future plans that any purchase or sale of a home is trying to fulfill. Learn more about my personalized questionnaire that will help you clarify and explore your goals in achieving a successful and rewarding experience.

  • Neighborhoods, Neighbors and Lifestyle

    How well do you know your neighborhood? Do you have relationships with your neighbors? How do you live your daily life and does your neighborhood of choice match your lifestyle? Understanding how everyone in a home lives and what they enjoy in their daily life makes the choice of where you live a unique experience. What makes Los Angeles so special is that neighborhoods vary so much sometimes within blocks.

  • Photography & Design

    Adam founded Swiftpictures in 2005 and has since photographed nearly 1,000 houses in Los Angeles. Adam immediately achieved recognition as one of the top real estate photographers in Los Angeles and beyond. Adam’s work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Variety, and Angeleno Magazine. Swiftpictures’ property websites were among the first to display full screen hi-resolution horizontal platforms and iPhone compatible formats for showing homes. Adam’s keen understanding of what brings buyers into homes, combined with unrivaled photographic skills, has resulted in work for an impressive array of clients.

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