Baja Mexico Development

FOR SALE - Price Upon Request
A once in a lifetime Luxury Development

Available for development and fully entitled over 6.5 miles of swimmable coastline near La Paz, Baja, Mexico. The Bahia project is located near LaPaz in Baja, Mexico which is fully entitled for 8 hotels, 1,143 condos, 818 homes and 8.5 acres of commercial space on a rare swimmable cove. Procured water rights from local farms and the right to expand the runway at La Paz airport to accommodate small luxury jets as well as a private road between the airport and the project.

FOR SALE – Price Upon Request

Currently completed:

  • 4,271 acres with 6.5 miles of private swimmable Pacific Ocean coast
  • One of three golf courses designed by Tom Doaz

Entitlements are:

  • 818 Single Family Residences
  • 1,143 condos
  • 8 hotels
  • 3 golf courses
  • 8.5 acres of commercial space
  • Water rights procured from local farms
  • Airport runway expansion rights